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27-Dec-2019 09:46

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Not only are the programming updates affecting older, non-compliant radio's, but also Sirius's try to put a "optimize" band-aid on their FCC responsibility's is making their Guarantee a joke.

A joke Sirius needs to turn around and show consumers, investors and the FCC that they can solve like a responsible corporation which wants to continue to use the US radio spectrum in accordance with FCC rules.

For example, channel 90 says it's JBC-Korean Radio when it's really MSNBC now. I did a factory default reset and that didn't help.

Welcome to the Sirius Backstage Archive brought to you by Digital Radio Central.

I think that the "updating channels" messages happen pretty infrequently, and they usually only last for a minute or two.

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Thus each time it had to keep downloading the update.