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23-Jan-2020 09:07

Welcome to my Configmgr and Configmgr Reporting Blog, here I will share some of my custom reports for Configmgr 2012/Current Branch with description on how to adapt them to your environment.

Type When 0 Then ‘Autostarting’ When 1 Then ‘Scheduled’ When 2 Then ‘Manual’ ELSE ‘ ‘ END AS ‘Startup Type’, CASE Availability State When 0 Then ‘Online’ When 3 Then ‘Offline’ ELSE ‘ ‘ END AS ‘Availability State’, Next Scheduled Time ‘Next Scheduled’, Last Started ‘Last Started’, Last Contacted ‘Last Status Message’, Last Heartbeat ‘Last Heartbeat’, Heartbeat Interval ‘Heartbeat Interval’, Component Type ‘Type’ from v_Component Summarizer Where Tally Interval = ‘0001128000100008’ Order By Component Name [/sourcecode] Site Status Overview Report Site System Status Report Site Components Status Since AM Report: I’ve exported these reports into a file, which can be downloaded HERE.

Check SQL Reporting Services Configuration Manager (Pre Requisite) SCCM CB Reporting Services Point Installation and Configuration SCCM CB Reporting Services Point Log Files Check the Results- Launch SCCM CB SSRS Default Reports SQL Report Server DB Overview SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is one of the requirements for SCCM CB reporting services point.

The SQL reporting service is part of SQL server installation.

MSSQLSERVER Edition: ENTERPRISE EDITION Product Versions: 12.0.4100.1 Report Server Database Name: Report Server Report Server Mode: Native Report Service Status: Started 3.

Launch SCCM CB console and navigate via \Administration\Overview\Site Configuration \Servers and Site System Roles. In the Add new site system role wizard select “Reporting services point” role.

To get access to these default SCCM reports, you need to Setup Configure SCCM CB Reporting Services point.