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This led to them being forced to compromise and build two two smaller towers.This was not preferred by the students, but is remarkable in that it was not only the first hexagonal pyramid attempt but also the first time that two Snapple towers had been made.This was met with critcism, as many believed it was a one-time thing that belonged to the memory of Declan.However, it was this push that led to it becoming the tradition it is today.This was the largest Snapple tower to date, reaching over seven layers high.Session 2's was broken - nay, destroyed - by one Seán Lysaght before its unveiling.It is arguably the most elegant Snapple tower built to date.

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He managed to collect over 211 Snapple bottles over the course of the session and a hexagonal tower was designed that was projected to be 9 Snapple bottles high.However, in the long run the tower was almost as important as the original, as it was from this one that the tradition truly started.