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22-Jan-2020 18:58

So, to not make this the longest post ever, how is dating in Madrid? Good to see I'm "a lazy guy" because I don't hit the gym, though. I don't know, I'm in my early thirties, I'm not Mr. Moving cities is a decent way to get over a break up. I'm in my twenties and my dating life is pretty much non-existant, so take my comment as you will.Madrid and I haven't got many problems dating, so I would say that, at least, the "dating scene" is not specially harsh with us, members of the number 6. Socialize and make friends, then meet friends of friends. If that's what you want to do, come try your luck here. Avoid the places where more than half of your list are pretty much the norm.#5 is a call out to your last man for sure. This woman just completely ridiculed and disrespected a large swath of men in an entire city from a hook up app. I feel tempted to deny that the "types" you listed exist, because they do.Back to the main issue: while it's true that Barcelona is more extreme in that case (mainly fueled by it being a tourist attraction and the feeling of partying, hook-ups and such), I don't think it's that different here in Madrid."Dating" is not a part of our culture in the same way as other countries, or at least it's not that common.Change the kind of pubs you visit, try to find new atmospheres and environments, join a gym/ classes with young people. Some of you might not agree, but I feel like I see a lot of couples out in Madrid and it feels like there are a lot of romantic relationship based activities to do here.I will also say most of my friends (I'm 26 btw) from here are in long term relationships or seem to mostly have only done ltrs.

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I think that might be your problem right there."Dating" is not a part of Spanish culture, but rather a modern import that doesn't fit in naturally with how most Spaniards tend to relate to each other.

Of course there's fuckboys, guys who have never left madrid and things like that here, but I think you might have a better chance at the dating scene here because people take it more seriously. But as someone else said, the key is to be in the kinds of place where you'd meet the kinds of men you'd want to date.

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