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This may be one reason consensually performed BDSM activity has the potential to increase relationship intimacy between the involved partners (Sagarin, Cutler, Cutler, Lawler-Sagarin, & Matuszewich, 2009).

It seems many of the women who have participated in studies on BDSM are single, which makes relationships the status of importance when studying BDSM practices (Pascoal, Cardoso, & Henriques, 2015; Weinberg, 2006).

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Another common characteristic of BDSM samples is a high level of education (Pascoal et al., 2015; Silva, 2015; Weinberg, 2006).

Many persons with higher levels of education are likely to be high achievers, and for some of them, BDSM may function as a relief from everyday demands and responsibilities.

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However, the power exchange in BDSM may also challenge these traditional sexual gender patterns (Lammers & Imhoff, 2015; Prior, 2013).

BDSM activities range from mild deviance from standard sexual behaviors to more extreme procedures of sexual stimulation, and they vary to which extent participants take part in the activities.