Sql trigger for updating one table from another

14-Dec-2019 19:41

The actual data is save in XML format that can be restored if need be.

I have a Maximo database that has a table structure I cannot change.

L LIMIT 1; END; and here is the problem, I can’t do that because: ERROR 1442 (HY000): Can't update table 'trig1' in stored function/trigger because it is already used by statement which invoked this stored function/trigger.

Which is I think safety mechanism to prevent from infinite recursive trigger execution, but because of that I have no idea how to solve my problem.

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When the subquery fails to find a matching row in tbl B, the subquery returns NULL.This is what I have been able to get so far in SQL based on my limited understanding of triggers, in case it helps (I realise it's not very good, treat it as pseudocode): good enough start.

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