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25-Dec-2019 13:58

How long this phase lasts varies, but it can be anywhere from a few months to about two years. Highlights of this stage of love include: This stage often will begin to creep in slowly during your relationship, but will sometimes happen all at once.The reality phase typically lasts about six months, or as long as it takes for both of you to decide you want to stay together.Milestones include: Knowing about the five stages in a relationship can help you understand your feelings about your partner and your relationship.Know it is natural to lose those early romantic feelings, but something much deeper awaits you in a later stage.Couples spend roughly two years feeling stable before progressing into the final stage of commitment.Make efforts to spice up your standard life together to keep the spark alive.In this stage of healthy relationships: What began as reality setting in during stage two often turns to disappointment in stage three.

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Go wrong anywhere along the way, and your relationship will take the brunt of the fall.In this stage, both of you overlook any flaws of each other and only focus on the good sides.