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11-Jun-2020 03:36

Recently, Eric Rudolph, who bombed an abortion clinic as well as Olympic Park, was sentenced to life in prison.I would urge you to read the wonderful piece written by Jim condemning his murders.

According to Satoshi Todome's A History of Eroge, Kanon is still the standard for modern eroge and is referred to as a "baptism" for young otaku in Japan.

According to a majority of the MSM (NYT) he is a devout Christian & the motivation for his crimes were Biblical.

The general election took place on November 4, 2014.… continue reading »

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If I think I am in danger then I just don't even go there though, and just quite relating to them and just get out of there. -We do live in a somewhat white supremacist country, quite frankly, but there is also a lot of bigotry against so called "whites" as well, -it's just that as of yet, whites are still the majority and especialy among those in power, so it doesnt efect us as much.… continue reading »

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