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08-Dec-2019 11:07

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EDIT: Do I HAVE to use a stored procedure for the updates and let it deal with the datetime for Last Updated and just pass it all the other parameters (the APS.

NET username of the current user and obviously all the various values of the form)?

Here's the table : I tried to remove the composite primary keys and add an only "id" key but the table is not updated anyway.

The only way I found to make it work is to delete the old row and add a new one with the new value, but it is obviously horrible.

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Save(So E); // persist // Inside DB repository public void Save(List You have probably overridden So E_People update in the datacontext. You can take a look here if you don't understand what I mean: Custom Entity Insert/Update/Delete Method Validation.First of all I would like to precise that I read all the related subjects about Submit Changes issues but couldn't find anything solving my problem...

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