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World Famous People - Susan Sarandon is an object lesson in how to do stardom properly. She's impressed in comedies, thrillers, psychological dramas, literary pieces and children's cartoons.

She's been involved in some of the most controversial movies of her time, but never been seen as scandal-merchant.

Here Sophia Loren would travel to America to meet her Italian fiance, only to be stopped at customs due to a big sausage she's carrying.

She would learn how much is possible from her father, who'd been a big band singer before becoming a TV producer and then an advertising executive.Susan would appear in a small role, as would Danny De Vito, as a congressman.In 1972, having appeared in a TV ad for Magic Lady Panty Hose, Susan returned to soap-world, actually in the big daddy of them all, Search For Tomorrow which, since 1951 had seen Mary Stuart dealing with the often tragic super-realities of life in the mid-American town of Henderson.To support herself she'd work as a secretary for the drama department, as well as cleaning apartments.

On the side, she did a bit of modelling, once appearing in a brochure for the soon-to-be infamous Watergate Hotel. At college she was still a skinny one, struggling to raise her weight over 100 pounds, and of course she was in possession of those soon-to-be famous breasts. For a laugh, though she had no interest in an acting career, she took part in a freshman show by the drama department and caught the eye of Chris Sarandon, a graduate student, four year her senior. He'd already featured in a rock band that had toured with Bobby Darin and Gene Vincent and was now taking a masters degree in theatre. He played a huge part in my decision to become an actress".This would last for a year, and keep Susan in money as she pursued experience in New York's theatreland.