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04-Jun-2020 03:32

Dating sites always give potential members a range of choices designed to make it easier to meet someone.The challenge in the virtual environment is that online dating sites create a visual arena not a cerebral one.While we can’t force people to be accepting of a potential partner with a disability, sites can somehow find a way to encourage people of all backgrounds to be comfortable there. I suggest that when people go online to meet a partner, they should be free to be themselves. Seek out a site that enables you to be who you are. When enough people do this perhaps the small changes will begin and larger changes will follow.My belief is people need to recognize that having a disability is another challenge in life – and we all have these, whether we want to, or not. Have you been perusing every website that ends in in the hopes of making some connections?

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We’re drawn to what we perceive of as exciting, beautiful, and interesting. Does a person pose in a terrific outfit, and wear a great smile and show themself sitting in a wheelchair?

Everyone wants to see what their potential partner looks like.

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