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31-May-2020 22:52

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I know I can check the page validation in javascript using Page_Client Validate(), however I have no idea how then to stop the user from moving to the next tab. So, you change tabs, which calls your function, which programmatically changes tabs, which calls your function, which programmatically changes tabs, which calls your function.... Its very odd, because if I then just click on the textbox being validated the validation message moves down to beside the textbox where I would expect it to be. Hi Friends Am confronting with a very trivial issue of customizing the tabbed panel and the Calendar controls of the Ajax control toolkit.Can anyone give me some ideas of how to customize these as I tried changing the CSS and setting the new css, but all in anyone help me out with this issue? Target Control ID of AJAX Calendar Control cannot be found when in an AJAX tab control Hello, I have a caledar control tied to a text box within a tab panel control as below. AJAX TAB CONTROL VALIDATION CONTROL = PROBELM I have two ascx pages one for posting comment and one for emailing some message.I will be the first to admit; I am new to this and may have misunderstood the use of the panels. show=ITD The top of the web site is a search panel.The date label, calendar and calendar image is on one AJAX panel.To ensure that the application is robust against all forms of input data, whether obtained from the user, infrastructure, external entities or database systems. This weakness leads to almost all of the major vulnerabilities in applications, such as Interpreter Injection, locale/Unicode attacks, file system attacks and buffer overflows.

HOWEVER, on first loading the page when the user clicks submit, (regardless of which pane it is in) the form posts back and the text boxes are blanked and all controls have their validation fired.I can do this by having a button at the bottom of tab1 which then uses a server side button_click event to check Page.Validate("tab1"), thus firing my code for a validation group. When I try to move to the next tab, my browser freezes up for a second or 2 and then I am back in the 1st tab (where I would want to be), but there are no controls on the screen.Thanks Karthik Muthuswamy Programmer Analyst Chennai I tried my own idea. Both controls are using validators to check email, website address and required firelds.

Both are placed in an aspx page in ajax control toolkit tab control.The problem is if I any user choose to send email then he has to fill something valid in "omments" section or if anyone wants to post comment then he/she has to fill something valid in email section otherwise form do not postback. And: How to Style the AJAX tab control's tabs: complete information UPDATE April 08, 2009: for the latest version of this post, with up-to-date info on styling the Tab control, see my just updated Blog post -- the info below is somewhat outdated and does not have some additional details I have added to the Blog post. NET FAQ, but it didn't really fit, and there was no AJAX FAQ, so I'm posting it here. NET AJAX - Details View within an update panel, within a modal extender Hi, I have a details view which sits within an update panel to allow for partial page updates.