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23-Jan-2020 13:18

Tall people get asked three questions - "How tall are you," "Do you play basketball," and "Can you reach that off the top shelf for me?

" And while a date with a new person brings the excitement of the unknown, the one thing you can bank on is having to recite for the nth time, "5'11 and yes, both my parents are tall." There's so much injustice in the world - the wage gap, world hunger, political unrest in underdeveloped countries.

This article has over 267,288 views, and 12 testimonials from our readers, earning it our reader-approved status. One lasting dating taboo is that a man should always be taller than his partner--or, at the very least, the same height.

But with gender norms and stereotypes becoming less and less relevant, there's no better time to ask out that long-legged lady.

Being tall is generally a good thing – just ask the millions of women who force their feet into a pair of heels every day. And does a woman’s height effect how dateable she is?

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Before you reach for your passport, it’s worth considering why a relative height difference is so important.And, of course, the worst injustice is whenever a woman who's 5' is walking around on the arm of someone who's 6'4.She could have anyone, yet she's swimming in your dating pool.More recently, the Internet offers numerous examples of tall women bemoaning how difficult it is to date with their height. The typical British female is, according to the Office for National Statistics, 5’3”.

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Women who consider themselves ‘tall’ tend to be at least 5’10”. Tall women who only want to date men taller than them are dramatically reducing their dating options. According to Health of the Nation statistics, 30% of UK men under 25 are now over six feet tall.

The most obvious answer is that tall women seek taller men for evolutionary reasons.

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