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A woman may not want to show obvious signs of attraction since she doesn’t want to look unladylike.She could also be shy and afraid of being rejected.As a result, she will end up giving you a lot of compliments, communicating indirectly that she likes you.This is meant to provide you with the confidence to make your move.She will also be smiling and probably fondling with her hair and jewelry. If a girl is interested in you, she will not resist to reach out and touch your arms, hands or shoulders.She will straighten your jacket or reach out to touch your knee as she makes a point during a conversation.Feelings are communicated through cues, and the actions speak for themselves.

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Neither do you want to drive yourself into an anxious fit by remaining unsure of how she feels about you. In an ideal world, your object of admiration would be upfront about her feelings and expectations. The good news, however, is that love is not a word, but a thing you do.For instance, if you are out on a date and you happen to lean forward into the table, there is a high probability that she will naturally do the same. A study by German Psychologists indicated that a woman’s’ laughter could accurately predict how she feels about the man she is with.This behavior is known as ‘interactional symmetry,’ and it starts in infancy. Indeed, research further suggests that women want to be with a man who can make them laugh, while a man wants a partner who can laugh at his jokes.Giving you compliments almost certainly means that she wants you and she is interested in having something happen between the two of you.

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If you are seeing a few of the signs above, it could be an indication that the girl really does want you.

A study whose results were recorded in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior indicated that people mimic the behavior of those they are attracted to. Further, marriage experts indicate that humor plays a huge role in diffusing tension and conflict in the relationship.