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07-Nov-2019 14:12

They’re in charge not because they’re most qualified, or more intelligent, or most capable.

They’re in charge because they’re the alpha: they exude a confidence that by sheer force of will makes others submit to them.

The author claims that in every relationship, you need masculine and feminine energy and that it is ESSENTIAL for a wife to be beta to her husband‘s alpha. You have to submit to your alpha; to cook and clean for him, to have sex whenever he wants. What’s true is that in the majority of divorces, a woman makes more money than a man.

Alpha versus beta aside, it’s clear a lot of men aren’t comfortable with any woman in a position of authority or perceived superiority over them.

In recent years, the idea of the “Alpha Male” has taken over a lot of the public imagination.

It’s the idea that in any given room, there is one person who is clearly in charge.

Their worth is not tied to the role they play in the epic tale your life. You love them for being driven or being domestic, or both.In a healthy marriage, each person takes turns shouldering responsibilities based on what they enjoy, what they excel at, and what opportunities are provided to them by life and circumstances.If your spouse gets a new job that pays more than your job, you celebrate having an easier time balancing your budget.You love them for having goals and ambitions, so long as those goals and ambitions make them happy or drive them to success.

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You love them because of who they are, not because they complete some fictional image of a yin and yang that really looks more like a yin holding up a yang while it kisses its own biceps.While once shy, awkward dudes lined up to read about “pick up artists,”or learn “tricks” to get out of the “friend zone,” now they learn how to be an alpha.

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