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Without desire they are calm, And the realm is of itself at peace. So rulers call themselves ‘abandoned, humble, and unfortunate’. So the highest effect is not a burden, in their arms, Their gentleness achieves harmony.

The nameless un-carved block Is freedom from desire.

Among the people the wise reserve their opinion And live in harmony with them. I’ve heard that those who control their life, Never encounter tigers or rhinos on their travels, Are never harmed by weapons when in a fight.

Heaven will protect you With the gift of compassion.

) is a classic Chinese Taoist text dating from at least the fourth century BC. When there is lack of faith There is a lack of respect. Travelling along without harm They will exist in peace.

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The Taoist inclination to refer to the natural background to human existence when considering the human is widely in evidence. The substance is perfectly real, Within, it can be tested. When the ancients said: ‘Bowed down and so preserved’ That was no empty saying. To speak infrequently a strong wind won’t last all morning, A downpour won’t last all day. In lightness the root is lost: In turbulence the ruler is lost. If you are a valley to the realm Then constant virtue won’t leave you, And you will return to infancy. A gentleman, in his house, Makes the left the place of honour. Archaeological evidence continues to move the earliest evidence of the text further back in time, but as yet the claims as to single authorship or an effort of compilation by many writers cannot be resolved. Identical they are called mysterious, Mystery on mystery, The gate of many secrets. The gate of the mysterious female Is called the root of heaven and earth. Gold and jade may fill the house But no one can retain them. The people are happy As if at a marvellous feast, Or going on a spring outing, Only I am unmoved and silent, Abandoned to disorder without limit. Those who delight in killing human beings Will never control the realm.

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