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At Lisbon's request, using his skills, he helped the stymied team catch the murderer.Patrick recovered his self-respect when he saw that the mentalist skills that had resulted in the death of his family could be used for good.When questioned about the assistance he was giving the police in their pursuit of the serial killer Red John, Jane called him "ugly and sad." This established Jane as a man confident in his abilities but not mindful of the consequences.After the show aired, Red John murdered Angela and their daughter, Charlotte (names revealed in the third-season episode Cackle-bladder Blood). As a result of his culpability in the killings, Jane had a mental breakdown.When Patrick refused to scam a dying girl and her grandmother, his father threatened him and forced him to do it.Jane later said that he never went to high school, presumably due to the nomadic carny life.However, the timeline of the series better matches the 1969 birth date.In the episode Throwing Fire, the date of a flashback to a teenage Jane is given as 1986.

In several flashbacks, Jane is shown taking part in a television show where he appears to contact the dead relatives of audience members.

After two years in hiding, he was recruited to the FBI as a consultant. In the episode Byzantium, the birth date on his driver's license is given as July 30, 1969.

In the series finale, White Orchids, the birth date given on his marriage license is September 16, 1974.

They ran away together to escape the carny lifestyle, which her family viewed as a betrayal and which was likely also the cause of Jane's estrangement from his father.

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Angela's brother, Danny Ruskin, is a con-man who came back into Patrick's life in Cackle-bladder Blood.Alex had a wedding ring on his hand, but Jane's mother was not mentioned in any flashbacks, so it is likely that she died or abandoned them.

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