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new shorturls: sequential ; / / / - Appears incremental - Ex: Alive as of 22 June 2017, database download link now broken. Continuation of the above starting from the last result in 2017, 9ixzz. Tracker' found/scanned numbers include the previous run (i.e. seems alive as of , (EDT) -- Allows creation of new shortlinks, currently 5 characters (lowercase digits, have not seen any upper case letters) appears to be sequential and lowercase. Valid returns 302, invalid returns 200 with error page, for both GET and HEAD requests, destination in Location header. Up to 3 characters scraped on 2014-11-16 (a small 2 character segment re-scraped on 2014-11-22); 4 characters (up to 1dwa) scraped between 2015-11--11-09; 4 characters (from 1dw6 to 1e45) scraped on 2016-06-09; tried scraping some more on 2018-07-27, but didn't get any results URL shortener for zapier url=[invalid code]) Popular URL shortener in the My Little Pony fandom. "Most URLs are 4-6 characters, only include letters and numbers (and are case sensitive) (e.g.

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The fine folks at have provided us with upload permissions to the 301Works archive:

Invalid URLs 302 to on 2015-12-18 -- did a scan of everything up through 3 characters; last found one was seq # 31903 (om7) ; run a rescan next year; rescan on 2017-02-18 from seq# 31900; last found seq # 33417 (ps9) rescanned on 2018-12-29 last found sequence# was 33715 incremental alphanumeric, but shares pattern with an image sharing service -- Allows creation of new shortlinks, 3 characters, [a-z0-9], sequential. funkcio=kepnezegeto&h=46cda5622ef666c7af4ec58b56bd0c0c) GET and HEAD, valid returns 302 with destination in Location:, invalid returns 302 to Location: DRZ4TGAj6V (created Nov 16, 2015) Ywa (created Dec 17, 2013) Dtw YAo WSF (created Dec 4, 2015) CYl S1Qywv (created Dec 28, 2015) USA government shortlinks, non-sequential, appears to be 5 char [a-z A-Z0-9], may be worth getting a mapping from gibberish to URL; see also 1. Codes are case-insensitive, so only scanning lower-case.

which is a alias ; anyone with a US gov email address can create shorturls to gov web pages private, for the House of Blues concert venue chain; 1-3(maybe 4) character; uppercase, lowercase and digits; legacy 6 Char links (looks like imported bitly links); some Custom strings; existing: 301, Location; not existing: 302, 404 private: /admin, /admin/ done: sequential up to ZZZZZ ; new shorturls: non-sequential, 6 characters; uses custom code; paused for now (on 2016-05-27) since it switched to HTTPS only, and some of the warriors haven't been updated to support that. Non-sequential, mostly 4 characters long (but some shorter ones exist as well).

alive as of 2015-11-21 ; 6-character, alphanumeric, seems-non-incremental ; -- which seems to some kind of bizarre guessing if you put in less than 6 characters (as of , 21 November 2015 (EST) ) ; alphabet: asd ASD123 ; 1,5k ghits ; 6 char; existing: 301 - location; not existing: 404; only found 10 results in 20 days of searching 50 million possibilities; might be worth turning it back on, though up to 5 characters, mixed case alphanumeric, currently around sot00 (as of , 14 December 2015 (EST)); Interestingly, the 3,822,506 codes from 4JXAG to 50000 are all empty.

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4JXAG was created at "07/06/2011 " while 50000 was created at "07/06/2011 ". So it looks like it was handing out both ranges for a few hours, then cut over to just 5's, leaving three million empty. Also, the 10,090,448 codes from 6j F0S (created at 05/12/2011 às ) to 70001 (created at 23/11/2011 às ) appear to be empty.Shortlinks appear to be 3 character (lowercase digits), appears to be sequential (judging from patterns in sequential shorturls). example curl -i output PAqom5CAJq VEELv F9Y89Vv Hnsn Mm.

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