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08-May-2020 12:13

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Several countries participated in this deal and the United Nations was in charge of supervising its implementation.

President Obama has said that the Chemical Weapons were 100% out of Syria after compliance with the agreement. In 2015 Russia decided to join the war siding with Assad which was a surprise for Obama who thought in advance that Putin would be the person to help him kick Assad out of the country.

Is it why some leaders could easily control the political conscience of the society, creating reciprocal hate, confrontation, rivalry and division?

These are some question for the American people to answer. Washington Post, Monday September 17, first page, first column, continued on page 17.

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She said she ran from the room, briefly locked herself in a bathroom and then fled the house.” (The description of the attempted rape is so vulgar that it appears that it was complemented by somebody else.) “Ford said she told no one of the incident in any detail until 2012 when she was in couple therapy with her husband.” (Why didn’t she tell anybody and kept it to herself for decades until 2012 when she imagined Mr. Judge said.” “She contacted the Post in early July.

Who could have the power to embed hatred inside the collective mind of the American people?

Are the American people of the most powerful country of the world, using the decision making process, based on emotional reactions instead of the natural rational process of developing knowledge?

After president Obama took possession of the White House, he publicly let Americans know that one of his priorities was to dethrone dictators who did not agree with his international policy.

This led to the events of what is called “The Arab Spring”. During president Obama’ first trip to Egypt, he made a political speech at Cairo University indirectly attacking president Mubarak, who had already signed an agreement with Israel in order to solve the conflict with Palestine, was the representative of the Middle Eastern countries with the United States, and was considered one of the best friends of this country.

We also brought the case to our table and after an emotional hate filled discussion, we dissolved the meeting and everybody left the restaurant to go their ways without saying goodbye to each other.