Transas senc updating

01-Sep-2020 03:51

The Transas TX-97 charts database provides global water surface coverage and is updated from Notices to Mariners issued by Hydrographic Organizations in different countries.The Transas TX-97 World Collection currently consists of more than 17.000 vector charts.Availability of updates SENC/ENC updates are issued on a weekly basis and can be obtained by direct connection to the Transas Chart Server, downloaded from our website or supplied on DVD/CD. Open the catalog to page 6 QUALITY AND COMPLIANCE Compliant In order to meet SOLAS carriage requirements for ECDIS, TADS incorporates only official data either as SENC or as ENCs.Quality Transas is proud of its reputation as a supplier of high quality, reliable navigation products to the marine industry.Transas delivers tailored AIO datasets from it´s own Chart server ensuring instant access to AIO updates in few clicks.To make full use of your ECDIS system first class digital products is a must.

Transas Admiralty Data Service (TADS) makes paperless navigation a reality, bringing official chart data and other information directly to your ECDIS to meet SOLAS carriage requirements.

With its unique capability to directly connect the ECDIS via the internet to the Transas Chart Server, the mariner has instant access to new licenses and updates.