Travel journals need updating

24-Jul-2020 02:50

Beautiful, American-made leather cases that not only look amazing but that also protect your electronic baby from the hard knocks of life on the road.

They even have cases that will fit a Moment smartphone lens for those who like to take smartphone photography to the next level.

This is one of the best travel gifts for someone who likes a bit of headroom, as this tent is designed for maximum internal space.

As well as being very lightweight, it is adaptable for hot summer nights with the ability to turn it from a tent into a ventilated shelter. One of the best gifts for people who travel light and love camping. You need a backpack that is the size of a cabin bag with the storage capacity of a suitcase.

Best of all, the fire is smokeless, so you don’t need to get up and move every time the wind changes.

It’s complete with tasting notes, brewing tips and a postcard from the country of origin.

In other words, it’s a simple gift that supports local coffee farmers and is, therefore, one of the best gifts for people who travel with a mug in their hand.

Plus, with the new Shorty accessory, you can add a handy handle that can turn into a mini tripod for that perfect shot.

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One of the best gifts for travelers who like to remember all the action.Picture this: Walking the streets of a far-off city while you head towards a beautiful art gallery, your phone suddenly dies and you lose your directions.

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