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01-Nov-2019 03:37

Sources reveal Amiyah is friends with Chad Johnson (formerly of Evelyn Lozado), Keyshia Cole, Amber Rose and more. Amiyah began transitioning 10-years-ago when she was 17 and is extremely confident and comfortable in her skin.

TMZ also confirms that former star Kim Fields is the second new Housewife.

One of the most common identifiers of the human race is gender. I need a moment" (With the REAL straight guys) because they do..

In previous years, it was as simple as 'male' or 'female' but not anymore.

Once fully transformed, those who were previously men, lead lives as heterosexual females.

One in particular is Amiyah Scott, born 'Arthur Scott', photoed as both below.

As you’re getting acquainted with Cotton this season, know that there’s more to this beauty than meets the eye.

They waited (somewhat patiently) and even tried to lure me from "my regular dude" with extravagant gifts, but he had my heart.. Its actually one of my biggest fantasies :) I feel like at that moment I will show the whole world that anything is possible!

Just about my entire family said "Don't do it" but I did anyway and now I'm looked at & addressed as a WOMAN because I followed my heart & proved that it could be done and I could be successful: If my career isn't too hectic, I see myself married!

I am the definition of "Ride or Die" I get it poppin..

They say you look exactly how I like but act exactly like what I need..

Amiyah Scott’s life has transformed rapidly over the course of a few years.