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He followed the instruction, so did another plane which was only 10 minutes behind him. S Poet, a 522-ft bulk cargo carrier left from a port in Philadelphia for Egypt.However, that was the last time Bob could be contacted. The next routine radio transmission reporting its position was expected 2 days after it left the port, but no signal was received. 1999 - The cargo freighter Genesis sent a radio signal to a nearby vessel, indicating a problem with the bilge pump.In a shocking incident of 1945, a whole bunch of five training flights that took off from Florida naval base under the leadership of an experienced captain, never returned to the base.All are clueless as to what may have happened to it.Whether you are an owner of an F&B outlet, a service provider, a retailer, or maybe even an expert in your own field, we can work together!send us an email with brief description about your services and we will get in touch with you for a meeting to explore opportunities together.This was probably one of the largest loss of lives on Bermuda triangle. Theories such as methane gas blow out below the ocean causing ships to sink, electronic fog engulfing an aircraft and taking it to unknown zone, hurricanes destroying aircraft, and several other such theories try to explain such cases.

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The plane's tank was full and the flying distance to Freeport was only 110 miles, so shortage of fuel was never a problem.

While the ship was quite intact, all crew members vanished and never heard of again.

1945 - Flight 19: They were training aircrafts of TBM Avenger bombers of US Navy that went missing on Dec 5, 1945 while flying over the Atlantic.

1973 - On May 25, 1973 Robert (Bob) Corner and his friend Reno Regon started from Miami for a trip to Freeport, Bahamas.

Bob was flying his own aircraft Navion A16 which was maintained very well.Or these are just mere accidents that also take place in other ocean areas as well, and are simply hyped up here by some theorists to draw unnecessary attention? 1609 - The Sea Venture got wrecked near the eastern end of Bermuda Island.