Trolling online dating

26-Feb-2020 19:41

In the following days and weeks, her family discovered distressing material about depression and suicide on her Instagram account.

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Mental Health, Inequalities and Suicide Prevention Jackie Doyle-Price later said that harmful suicide and self-harm content online "has the effect of grooming people to take their own lives." A type of deception made possibly by anonymity on the Internet, catfishing is a targeted campaign of duplicity.

The ease with which channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter bring people together is extraordinary, and should be celebrated.

However, we cannot ignore the darkness that lurks beneath the online world, particularly with regards to social networks.

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The digital world is evolving all the time, and with new changes come new pitfalls.

With issues such as trolling and catfishing becoming increasingly prevalent, comprehensive protection must be tailored to the exposures of social media organizations.

A troll is a person who makes use of the anonymity that the internet provides, in order to share inflammatory, abusive remarks about specific people or groups.

Social media isn’t always a fairy tale, and the veil of anonymity that such channels provide can easily be used for evil, rather than good.

Lady Gaga was recently quoted as saying that social media is “the toilet of the internet.” Of course, this scathing review disregards the many benefits of social networks, but it does adequately sum up how many users feel about what can, and does, happen within the confines of these sites.

However, there has been admission that not enough work has been done to protect users.

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