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03-Jun-2020 00:38

Well its half full (or empty depending on the kind of person you are) so at least hes keeping hydrated!This guy clearly works out – those big arms and the veins popping up through his thighs grrrr – must be leg day.Date: 10th November 2017 Line: Central Submitted by: AH Hey sexy workout man – protein powder is working well for you!When there are no other places to lay your head after a long hard workout you have to use your bicep as a pillow.Date: 20th December 2017 Line: Central Submitted by: Rocco This handsome chap has a super cute face, wrapped in a really chic jacket and wearing a fancy watch we think is just what the doctor ordered for a cold December snuggle!

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Date: 7th December 2017 Line: Commuter Train Submitted by: Richard What a wonderful pair of leather shoes this cute guy has, and my how big they are!

A handsome face concentrating on his phone, probably tweeting he just got #Tubecrushed.