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Unfortunately, I do not have access to any AMD hardware so cannot provide a tutorial. If you have an i7 CPU with power to spare (or an i9 with multiple extra cores), consider assigning more. To get it up and running, you have to essentially patch Virtual Box before the mac OS virtual machine will function. The commands will not execute properly if Virtual Box or any of its associated processes are running.However, if you continue reading, you will find links to several AMD mac OS High Sierra and Mojave tutorials towards the end of the article. Next, set the amount of RAM the virtual machine and mac OS can use. Select the folder icon and browse to the VMDK file, then hit Create. TO do this, you need to enter some code using the Command Prompt. Once closed, press Windows Key X, then select Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu.Pro Tip: Take a snapshot of your virtual machine once it passes the gray screen.If anything goes wrong down the line, you can return to the Welcome screen setup and start the process again.The VMDK file contains the operating system you will use in the next section. The following code works for Virtual Box 5.x and 6.x.Use the following command to locate the Oracle Virtual Box directory: VBox modifyvm "macos" --cpuidset 00000001 000106e5 00100800 0098e3fd bfebfbff VBox Manage setextradata "macos" "VBox Internal/Devices/efi/0/Config/Dmi System Product" "i Mac11,3" VBox Manage setextradata "macos" "VBox Internal/Devices/efi/0/Config/Dmi System Version" "1.0" VBox Manage setextradata "macos" "VBox Internal/Devices/efi/0/Config/Dmi Board Product" "Iloveapple" VBox Manage setextradata "macos" "VBox Internal/Devices/smc/0/Config/Device Key" "ourhardworkbythesewordsguardedpleasedontsteal(c)Apple Computer Inc" VBox Manage setextradata "macos" "VBox Internal/Devices/smc/0/Config/Get Key From Real SMC" 1After the completion of the commands, and presuming you encountered no errors, close the Command Prompt. Double-click your mac OS virtual machine to start it. It has its quirks and annoyances, but what operating system doesn’t?Even if you’re beholden to Microsoft and Windows 10, you can still shop around. However, at the time of writing, there is no AMD mac OS Mojave build available to those without an existing AMD-based mac OS installation.

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From here, you can set your mac OS Mojave virtual machine up as you see fit.

Once installed, right-click your mac OS virtual machine and select Settings.