Updating avocado green bathroom

09-May-2020 13:47

updating avocado green bathroom-28

Chad vepcam

Is there anything I can do to update the walls, floors etc to make the room look a bit less dated?

I hate the colour of the suite but I can't quite justify spending £ on a new one when there isn't anything wrong with the old suite, apart from the way it looks.

Add matching accessories such as a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder etc and save to get it redone. Whatever you spend (and it will still be a substantial amount) will only make it look like an 80's bathroom that's been given a cheap facelift.

If it's in reasonable condition and not all mouldy with tiles falling off the walls etc, then I'd live with it for a year or two until you've saved up to do it properly.

There may be many hidden horrors under the bath, you should take the panel off ASAP to check.

Those taps are probably knackered said, 3 piece suite can be had from about £300 from a builders merchant.

To extend it's life you'd need new neutral tiles, new flooring and new taps at the very least. There's more to updating a bathroom than just substituting a nice whote suite for a grotty old coloured one.

But I just can't imagine any kind of tiles making that suite look OK!

With white or cream cladding you could have beige towels for a really natural look add a decent sized moisture loving large green leaved plant.

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