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For example, archiving dialog will propose if we selected and

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So it did not display archive names for masks like *and applied this mask only to files inside of archives; h) when running an executable directly from archive, Win RAR 5.70 did not set a temporary folder with unpacked files as current.While previously Win RAR could create arc.part01and arc.part1in RAR4 format, now both types of volumes will use "part01". "Set font..." button in "Settings/File list" also changes the folder tree panel font. Previous versions could create such path in Win RAR start-up folder instead of currently displayed folder; b) Win RAR could crash when adding the recovery record in RAR5 format on CPUs not supporting CPUID EAX=7 command and returning random data in response.These are some CPUs from early 2000s; c) Win RAR failed to create archives after dragging files with right mouse button in Windows shell, dropping them to another folder, selecting "Add to archive..." in context menu and enabling "Put each file to separate archive" option; d) "winrar r *.zip" command repaired only the first ZIP archive in the set if all archives had numeric names like 1.zip, 2and signatures in the beginning of archives were missing; e) previous Win RAR version failed to unpack folder records in archives created by RAR 1.50; f) in rare cases Win RAR failed to extract and reported an error for valid archives produced by some compression optimization tools; g) progress bar in tray icon never reached 100% in high DPI mode; h) creation and last access time was not displayed for archived folders if folder records were stored in archive after folder contents; i) "Skip encrypted archives" option in "Convert archives" command did not work for 7-Zip archives with headers encryption. "Convert archives" command: a) improved performance when processing a lot of small archives in Windows 10; b) fixed memory leaks which could lead to excessive memory use when converting to ZIP format. Corrupt ZIP archive processing: a) "Repair" command replaces packed and unpacked file sizes stored in local file header with sizes from central directory if local header sizes look invalid; b) file extraction is stopped at unpacked size stored in ZIP headers even if available packed data allows further extraction. In previous versions it could take several seconds until list command stopped. Bugs fixed: a) Win RAR could crash when attempting to display some types of archive comments in GUI shell, resulting in a denial of service; b) if "Save archive name" and "Add to context menu" options were set in compression profile parameters and profile was invoked from Explorer context menu, Win RAR proposed an automatically generated archive name instead of name saved in profile.Previously such names were truncated at the end, making the file extension invisible.

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This version truncates them removing the path component and symbols in the middle, but preserving beginning of file name and file extension. If files selected for archiving differ only by extension, a proposed archive name is based on their name part.Previous versions displayed a proper type for such records only in archives. Copying and pasting files from large archives could fail if extraction took a lot of time.