Updating file author attribute with vb

24-Aug-2020 10:15

updating file author attribute with vb-12

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Auto CAD 2016, Auto CAD Architecture 2016, Auto CAD Civil 3D 2016, Auto CAD Electrical 2016, Auto CAD MEP 2016, Auto CAD Map 3D 2016, Auto CAD Mechanical 2016, Auto CAD P&ID 2016, Auto CAD Plant 3D 2016, Auto CAD Structural Detailing 2016, & Auto CAD Utility Design 2016 When a field is updated, the latest data is displayed.

For example, the value of the File Name field is the name of the file.

Raise 2 vb Object Error, Description:="Get File Time Failed" End If Select Case Which Time Case GET_CREATE_DATE If File Time To Local File Time(Creation Time, Local Time) = 0 Then Err.

I've been trying to adapt your air code to a command button's click event.... This is the code I'm trying: ------------------ Private Sub Command2_Click() Dim filespec As String Dim fso As Object Dim f As Object Set fso = Create Object("Scripting. Raise 1 vb Object Error, Description:="Can't open the file" Exit Function End If If Get File Time(h File, Creation Time, Last Access Time, Last Write Time) = 0 Then Err.

Of course we'd want to extract the proper XML from the package based on the information mere mortals know: the sheet's name.

The code shown below extracts the proper r Id (relationship identifier) attribute value as it is listed within the file within the sheets node of that file.

My question - is there any trick to modifying the XML file once the required node is located?

Can I use these functions to rebuild a complicated Excel file from scratch?

File thousands of formulas, data tables, named ranges etc and it has been versioned for over 5 years in our company.

The VBA project contains two modules and one class module: Content of the VBA project as shown in the project explorer in the VBE mod Demo contains the code that demonstrates the use of the class module cls Edit Open XML. The project also uses the Microsoft XML library to ease working with the XML, as shown in the following screenshot of the references: References of the VBAProject Also, a couple of other libraries are put to use: the File Scripting Object and the Windows Shell application object, both through late binding as shown later on.

updating file author attribute with vb-8

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I have derived a class module that is able to perform the following tasks: In order to be able to work with the files contained within the Open XML zipped file structure, the first step that is needed is to unzip the content of the file.

Raise 2 vb Object Error, Description:="File Time To Local File Time Failed" End If Case GET_LAST_WRITE_DATE If File Time To Local File Time(Last Write Time, Local Time) = 0 Then Err. Date Created Set fso = Nothing Set f = Nothing ---------------- I get a runtime error: "Invalid Procedure Call or Argument" on clicking.