Updating firmware on a gxp2020 Phone hookups for free m4m

13-Jul-2020 11:37

Updating the firmware for drives has historically been a cumbersome task with a potential for downtime, which is why we're making improvements to Storage Spaces, Windows Server, and Windows 10, version 1703 and newer.

If you have drives that support the new firmware update mechanism included in Windows, you can update drive firmware of in-production drives without downtime.

The drive will first load the new firmware image to an internal staging area. This means that this drive serves no data during the activation.

An application accessing data on this drive would have to wait for a response until the firmware activation completes.

Once a server is in production, it's a good idea to make as few changes to the server as is practical.

However, there may be times when your solution vendor advises you that there is a critically important firmware update for your drives.

It is possible that new firmware on unsupported hardware could negatively affect reliability and stability, or even cause data loss.

This drive performed the firmware update within ~5.8 seconds, as shown here: Measure-Command Days : 0 Hours : 0 Minutes : 0 Seconds : 5 Milliseconds : 791 Ticks : 57913910 Total Days : 6.70299884259259E-05 Total Hours : 0.00160871972222222 Total Minutes : 0.0965231833333333 Total Seconds : 5.791391 Total Milliseconds : 5791.391 Before placing a server into production, we highly recommend updating the firmware of your drives to the firmware recommended by the hardware vendor or OEM that sold and supports your solution (storage enclosures, drives, and servers).If the firmware has been previously validated and a quicker roll-out is desired, these default values can be modified from days, to hours or minutes.Here is an example of the supported components xml for a generic Storage Spaces Direct cluster: If you would like to see the Health Service in action and learn more about its roll-out mechanism, have a look at this video: https://channel9com/Blogs/windowsserver/Update-Drive-Firmware-Without-Downtime-in-Storage-Spaces-Direct Also see Troubleshooting drive firmware updates.As part of its management functions, it has the capability to roll-out drive firmware across an entire cluster without taking any workloads offline or incurring downtime.

This capability is policy-driven, with the control in the admin's hands.

However, if you're going to update the firmware of a production drive, make sure to read our tips on how to minimize the risk while using this powerful new functionality.

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