Updating lock screen text to ruim

10-Jan-2020 01:33

In Notification center in an i OS device has many added features as compared to previous notification centers.Even though to Block/ turn off/ disable/ enable Notification coming from Mail, i Message, i Cloud, Updates, other social app Notification like Facebook, Twitter, and Whats App messenger app settings in approach and options in 11 and i OS 10.I also submitted two Apple Feedback bug reports today to report my findings. I get the notifications to pop up on my lock screen, but they either disappear immediately or after the screen shuts off.So if I am not looking at my phone right when I get the text, I have no way of knowing when I check the lock screen unless I open the phone. I have tried resetting my phone several times; sometimes it fixes the issue for an hour maybe, but then the issue comes back.In the previous article, I share how can turn off/ disable notification from notification center and Siri from lock i Phone screen.i OS 11 or later users – Check out Notifications is enabled for lock screen i Phone.

When I get a text message, the only way I know I got it is if I click on the home button to start up the display.In i OS 11, Apple brought a new cover sheet style for Notifications and antique Show Previews Notifications on Locked and Unlocked screen.