Updating multiple select with ajax

26-Nov-2019 08:17

updating multiple select with ajax-77

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Please look at the provided example for a example options list structure.

div label.typo__label Groups multiselect( v-model="value", :options="options", :multiple="true", group-values="libs", group-label="language", :group-select="true", placeholder="Type to search", track-by="name", label="name", ) span(slot="no Result").

The table in the sql db that contains the addresses also has a column containing partial postcodes for those places.

For process this task, here we have also use j Query.By using j Query functionality when we have checked checkboxes then that selected row of plain text data must be converted into editable HTML input fields with filled value.So when we have select multiple checkboxes then all selected row of data will be converted into editable input field.is used to define if selecting the group label should select/unselect all values in the group, or do nothing. div( :class="" ) label.typo__label Customized multiselect multiselect( placeholder="Pick at least one", select-label="Enter doesn’t work here!

Despite that the available options are grouped, the selected options are stored as a flat array of objects. div label.typo__label(for="ajax") Async multiselect multiselect( v-model="selected Countries", id="ajax", label="name", track-by="code", placeholder="Type to search", open-direction="bottom", :options="countries", :multiple="true", :searchable="true", :loading="is Loading", :internal-search="false", :clear-on-select="false", :close-on-select="false", :options-limit="300", :limit="3", :limit-text="limit Text", :max-height="600", :show-no-results="false", :hide-selected="true", @search-change="async Find" ) template(slot="tag", slot-scope="") span.custom__tag span span.custom__remove(@click="remove(option)") ❌ template(slot="clear", slot-scope="props") div.multiselect__clear( v-if="selected Countries.length", @mousedown.prevent.stop="clear All(props.search)" ) span(slot="no Result"). In this example, the div label.typo__label Tagging multiselect( v-model="value", tag-placeholder="Add this as new tag", placeholder="Search or add a tag", label="name", track-by="code", :options="options", :multiple="true", :taggable="true", @tag="add Tag" ) pre.language-json code.