Updating multiple tables in a ms access database

18-Feb-2020 23:44

Open the Teaching Institute Software System Database if you wish to practice creating and modifying queries.

SQL provides us with the opportunity to read data from single or even multiple tables.

We then constructed a query using Query-By-Example before viewing the query as pure SQL. Your query should now look like this: So, you have two options for creating SQL: through the Query-By-Example editor or using pure SQL.

Let’s see what happens if we modify a pure SQL query and then view it using the Query-By-Example editor. The SELECT query is useful as it provides a simple way to extract data from the database.

I have an excel file containing the internal part numbers and the matching manufacturers part numbers.

How can I fill in the internal part number field for all tables from my excel file, matching on the manufacturer part number?

I am using Access 2013, but these steps should be identical/similar for versions back to Access 2007.