Updating normal dot

28-Sep-2019 00:00

One of the greatest unanswered questions of all time will inevitably go down in history as: “Why did Microsoft change the template of MS Word to Calibri 11 with extra spacing and multiple lines?

” The question following that will be: “Who on this planet actually enjoys using this style?

Also, disable any add-in, open a blank document and save it.

More info here: had this problema a while ago, unfortunatelly I'm not sure how I fixed, but I think you should check if the is writable, you can delete the and a new one should be created.

var microsoft = microsoft

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If you work at a larger office or corporation, chances are your IT staff have already rectified this ghastly situation for you.Word will then open and work fine until I save and close..time I try to open it, it just hangs.