Updating starforce

17-Jun-2020 21:09

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This could be triggered when a game is run, as it interfaces with the video and sound drivers installed in Windows.

This feature of Windows can be turned off in the following way: Start Internet explorer and click...

"Why is the key-command for "set trimmers to neutral possition" not working for the Su-25 and Su-25T? The real Su-25 and Su-25T have no such feature, so this function was not incorporated into the new high-fidelity AFM(Advanced Flight Model) for these aircraft.

"Why doesn't the trim-axis work for the Su-25 and Su-25T?

" It is a Direct X library which is trying to check for certification of video\audio drivers on initialization.

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"Why do the "Demo-Su-25T-Cruiser-Hunter" and "Dogfight Su-25T vs 2 A-10" tracks sometimes show incorrect playback?So there I was with my legitimately bought game and I could not play it due to silly disc protection being outdated. Updating Starforce was also not an option since then it would not be compatible with the game any more.