Updating windows x p

19-Apr-2020 12:46

Update: A reader named Joseph pointed out that this is from an older version of Windows Update.(July 27, 2008) But the other log file, "Windows Update.log" is a gold mine of information (this file has no spaces in the name).It was included in the debugging information sent to Microsoft and revealed that my problem was an error 0x80004002.As a veteran computer user and an obliging technical writer, Wendy is most likely able to understand your computer problems, and capable of helping you solve them with the least trouble.Her articles give you quite a few possible solutions to your computer problems, and with step-by-step instructions and illustrations show you how to navigate on your PC until your problem would be resolved.Support for SP3 and IE7 is offered on the phone (866-234-6020), although, I had Windows Update in IE6 and IE7) and click on the "Get help and support" link in the gray stripe on the left. The best way to do this is with Internet Explorer on the computer with the problem.This allows Microsoft to download an Active X control that gathers assorted debugging information and sends it back to them.Just as many roads lead to Rome, there may also be many solutions to a technical problem; if you have any other suggestions, you're more than welcome to share them with us.

I had even checked the system event logs and come up empty.

Good news: Microsoft offers free technical support for Windows Update and that support provided a solution to my problem.

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