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In this section, you'll see the programmatic support that the . To validate an XML document, you can use the event for each error in the XML document.

An inline schema cannot contain an entry for the root element of the document, so even when the document is otherwise valid, you'll get an error from that node.

It provides you mechanism to provide a XML file, add a schema and validate the XML file supplied against the schema.

It also provides an event (Validation Event Handler) which is fired as soon as an exception occurs in validating the XMLDocument.

Using the Xml Validating Reader tells about the element/attribute with incorrect value as per the data type, but using Xml Reader Setting provides a detailed error showing the incorrect value along with the expected datatype.

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The NOTE XDR Validation The Xml Validating Reader can also validate an XML file for conformance with an XML Data Reduced (XDR) specification.

XDR is a standard that Microsoft briefly embraced for describing XML files before they settled on the more standard XSD.