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He teaches and writes prolifically on Vaishnavism and the Hare Krishna movement and has translated the Bhagavad Gita into German."One day, I remember it was in television. One of the members, the guitarist, had died from an overdose of drugs. After this, an exciting new group, the Radha Krishna Temple, came on and sang the Hare Krishna mantra.I immediately felt deep In 1970, a 16-year-old boy at the time, Sacinandana Swami "set off to introduce himself to the Hare Krishna community in Germany and began the life of learning, teaching and traveling that he continues to this day".In sheer numbers, Vaishnavism prevails as the leading religious system over Shaivism, Shaktism, and the many other paths commonly associated with Hinduism..width155 .biggertxt24 .bread Crumb a Block .brdr3 .shadow5 a a:hover .lrborder .listpt a /* Responsive Design */ @media screen and (min-width: 768px) @media screen and (max-width: 767px) { .xs-width-100 .xs-padd0 .xs-padd15-0 .xs-paddl0 .xs-width-21 .xs-width-25 .xs-width-60px .xs-width-73px .profile-width-img .xs-width-86px .xs-width-75 .width155 .photo-reg-f150 .photo-reg-m150 .photo-reg-m150, .photo-reg-f150 #fixed-topnavbar, .fixed-topnavbg, #submenulinks .wrapper-max .One of our favorites was Bhakti-tirtha, a Princeton graduate who once called himself Toshombe Abdul, president of his university's Association of Black Collegians.Bhakti-tirtha had a way of striking up a spontaneous friendship with celebrieties such as Muhammad Ali.In one issue we reported Bhakti-tirtha's visit to the Zambian statehouse, where he had dinner with the country's president, Dr. He met the president through a judge, Aiyadurai Sivanandan, who had become a devotee.We also printed a photo of Justice Sivanandan, dressed in his black judge's robes and powdered wig, with tilak on his forehead.

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“This sometimes leads to disagreements over when a particular event should be observed in a particular place.The judge resigned his post in Zambia to serve ISKCON temple in India.

I learned so much from the experience, but there were definitely moments I truly wished there was someone beside me to share in the sights and sounds or to share a delicious local meal with.… continue reading »

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