Validating the intel pentium 4 microprocessor

03-Nov-2019 11:29

Developing a new leading edge IA-32 microprocessor is an immensely complicated undertaking.In the case of the Pentium 4 processor, the microarchitecture is significantly more complex than any previous IA-32 microprocessor and the implementation borrows almost nothing from any previous implementation.The present invention relates to a method and business management tool for analyzing, comparing and assessing an electronic design validation process.More particularly, an embodiment of the present invention analyses, compares and assesses electronic design validation process associated with the validation of a design for an integrated circuit such as a microprocessor, ASICS, a chip or chip set.Then it focuses the power of simulation compute-farms on possible specification errors and the few remaining design errors.To date there is no relatively simple and effective technique to assess and compare these two, or any other, disparate electronic design validation process strategies.The verification process can take up to 70% of the IC design cycle and continues to be a growing industry concern.Embodiments of the invention are concerned with the validation process itself, rather than details regarding software tools and human resources.

validating the intel pentium 4 microprocessor-6

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Power has become a first-order concern thanks to a 20x increase in operating frequencies in the past decade and leakier transistors at smaller geometries, and the various schemes for managing and reducing power while retaining peak performance have added their own dimensions of complexity.Another electronic design validation process, an isomorphism-centric validation process, somewhat reverses the strategy of the simulation-centric validation process.