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Source: https://edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-974-fundamentals-of-photonics-quantum-electronics-spring-2006/lecture-notes/chapter7Laser Dye technology by Peter Hammond A friend postulated using the triplet state phosphorescence as a magnetically-modulatable dye. magnetically slice a scattering biological sample, rather than slicing optically (light sheet, 2p) or mechanically. I am inclined to believe that they really are not all that different; legalese is structured and convoluted the way it is because it is, in effect, a programming language for laws, hence must be precise and unambiguous.After a little digging: I'd imagine that it should be possible to design a molecule -- a protein cage, perhaps a (fully unsaturated) terpine -- which isolates the excited state from oxygen quenching. Furthermore, the article is well written and evidences structured and balanced thought (via appropriate references to the real world).Peering into everyone's purchasing habits and hobbies, however, seems like it will be grossly myopic and, as the article says, Orwellian. Likely they will train a deep-belief network on past data of weakly and communist party defined success, with all purchasing and social media as the input data, and use that in the proprietary algorithm for giving people their scalars to optimize. The deformations relative to the spinal cord in animal models, such as rodents or non-human primates, are likely to be even larger. Summary thoughts: This is a highly interesting study, insofar that the authors show substantial support for their hypotheses that phenotypes can be explored through random-walk non-lethal mutations of the genotype, and this is somewhat invariant to the source of carbon for known biochemical reactions. I suggest that a good control would be to ‘fuzz’ the list of available reactions based on statistical criteria, and see if the results still hold.

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We call this update rule for the hidden units pseudobackprop and denote it by ∆h PBP = W e. Exp Neurol 197:1, 244-51 (2006 Jan) Overall, not a bad paper.