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13-Sep-2020 18:16

They are completely shallow, completely one-dimensional, and more often than not, completely devoid of personality.Let’s take our protagonist, Yuu, for example: The first episode introduces him as a character brimming with personality. These are traits that at the very least gave him a personality and the potential for development.There is one in particular I will go over though just so I can talk about how terrible the romance in this anime is: Nao.Nao is Yuu’s love interest which is a big problem for one simple reason: They fail to demonstrate so much as a single iota of chemistry or personal connection with each other at all.

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Seriously; the world needs to see that miserable atrocity and learn from it so that history does not repeat itself.

However, as soon as the ED played at the end of episode one, everything about him that was established in that first episode is COMPLETELY forgotten.