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20-Sep-2019 10:42

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I will respect you, honor you, and cherish you as long as we both shall live.

Today I take you to be my wife and vow to help create for us a life of honesty, fidelity, trust, and love.

The major product categories distributed by VOW include general office stationery supplies, paper and office furniture, cleaning, catering, janitorial, health and safety, PPE, premises management and a variety of technology and machines. The site you choose should be on the basis of your location not the intended delivery location of the order you wish to place.

but oh my dear, our love is here to stay - together we're going a long long way.Darling, he loves and she loves and they love, won't you Love me as I love you? We'll build our home and chop our wood and make our garden grow... I promise to live out our lives in love as best we can. I promise to be there for you, in cold winter mornings, to warm you, on soft springs to watch our love grow, in our summers to play in the light of the sun, and in our autumn to kiss your fingers and say, it has all been worth it - every moment of our love.I love you and thank the Lord for bringing you into my life.From you I've learned how to dream and what it is to have a loving partner who supports your dreams.

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I vow to help you in your dreams and desires, and to create a life, a family, and a loving home as your husband.Try adding some phrases to your wedding programs for an extra touch of romance or to your wedding thank you cards after your big day.