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07-Aug-2020 08:00

With the release of the Beta 2.0 version in 2005, Skype zoomed to new levels of popularity.

In this year, e Bay acquired Skype in a landmark transaction for .5 billion.

This shift eliminated previously popular programs like Skype Find and Skypecast.

Skype actually stands for “Sky Peer to Peer.” The original Skype application permitted voice calls from PC to PC and little else. Skype’s 0.9 Beta created the platform to permit calls to landlines from PC’s on a fee schedule.

Through the evolution of various Skype upgrades, the company continued to experiment with different colours before finally settling on the current blue background.

Most notable among change was the flat interface surface and the removal of icon highlights that brought the surface into line with Windows 8.

Skype has established itself as the premier video voice messaging platform.Meanwhile, e Bay became increasingly disenchanted with their investment, losing millions of dollars every year. The company cited that the program had failed to maintain the expected minimum quality standard.

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