What do men look for in a dating profile how far can carbon dating go

01-Oct-2020 12:50

Creating the profile for your respective online dating site is an opportunity to provide women users with a snippet of your personality. Avoid the use of clichés like “ I like to live life to the fullest” and “I enjoy romantic walks on the beach.” Those phrases are boring and more importantly, overdone.

They do not provide any real information about who you are. Using a description that is unique, different and exciting is much more likely to catch a woman’s eye.

Having done more than my fair share of dating and I can say with confidence that there is no other medium out there that allows a girl to get 28 dates (most of them with different men) in 40 days.

Between and it’s easy for a girl to find interesting men that want to show her around town.

Picture this: you’re a nice, moderately handsome man looking for love online.

You even have a job, a tidy flat, and a hilarious cat named Mortimer.

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Poses you’ll want to avoid being photographed in: holding a fish, awkwardly gripping two other women’s shoulders, and standing in front of a car/building/natural landmark with your arms folded and glowering intensely. ’ Listen, your snarkiness is probably adorable in person. But online, this amateur stand-up comic act is doing you no favours.Remember, the endgame here is to stick OUT from every other boring Tom, Dick, and Harry online. Sadly, when girls read words like ‘wanderlust’ in your bio, something chemical happens in their brains where they die of boredom. Cut out everything that’s too generic and that could safely apply to millions of people. Banging on about how you’re ‘sapiosexual’ suggests that you’re keen on f***ing a large brain in a jar.Never, never, never, never, never, never, EVER use the word ‘sapiosexual’ anywhere in your dating bio. Other clichés to avoid: ‘old soul, ‘outsize appetite for life’, ‘I don’t take myself too seriously’ and the always irritating ‘seeking a partner in crime.’ These clichés don’t really mean anything, as comfortable a fallback as they may be.Compare the contents and information of an online dating profile to the resume and cover letter that one would send as part of a job application.

This information is your chance to attract attention and showcase everything that makes you completely “dateable.” If you fail to create a profile adequately reflecting your qualities and strengths as a potential candidate, you could be getting overlooked.Besides, how can you be so sure about your preferences? Who are these mysterious people who don’t like to travel, or try new restaurants?