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07-Nov-2020 11:37

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I think I'd seen her in some movies (probably Carrie and The Fury) and thought she was kind of spacey so I was impressed that she did a serious play like that. Or at least hire Irving instead of the woman he did . I remember seeing Mayron interviewed somewhere joking about her three big disappointments in show biz.

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R82 given DL you might be joking, but I saw it when I was 8 I think and I thought it was hi-larious.As thread material, she seems pretty dull--at least the once omnipresent Joyce Bulifant had a lot of husbands and some nasty rumors about her her behavior. But she then hooked up with Independent director, Bruno Baretto, and still managed to eke out a respectable list of credits. I don't remember if she was mean to him for being a geek, but I do recall the book saying he was essentially a huge nerd and much more straight-laced than the other directors he came of age with in the 70s."I'm not sure Silver was fired from the play. The scuttlebutt at the time was that Irving disliked him intensely and told the producers and Miller something along the lines of "I can't work with him - he goes or I do". She came into the show during the premiere run at the Long Wharf Theater before it came to Broadway.