Who is ariel lin dating

06-Nov-2020 19:44

Love or bread, asked Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng in a previous drama.

Obviously, many are choosing bread but those who are greedy to choose both opt to keep the love part a secret so as not to lose the bread. In fairness to Roy, while he did not publicly acknowledge Tang Yan was his girlfriend, he did not make it a total secret either.

The 1980s are characterized as an era of changing authority and governments, and culture, values, and technology, the influence of 1980s politics, environmental disasters, and pop cultural moments can still be seen today.

In my previous post, “Year of the Sinking Ships”, it was not clear yet whether this Titanic could be saved, following reports that he was seen leaving a drama set with Tia Li. Even if you no longer have any feelings toward those beautiful memories, I will still choose to believe that they existed. ) and posted this on Weibo: The original post has apparently been taken down but trust netizens to save it for, uh, posterity.She has a long time boyfriend who is a Taiwanese-American business named Charles Lin who lives in LA and they met while being paired up as a bridesmaid and groomsman at a wedding of their mutual friends.Last week the Taiwanese tabloids buzzed about Ariel being engaged after Charles flew to London in October to celebrate her birthday and reportedly popped the question and Ariel accepted the proposal.And with those three ladies, the break-ups were all not pleasant.

Rainie once talked about how this one person hurt her so much in the past (with many inclined to believe she was referring to Qiu Ze, but then again, with Rainie Yang’s dating history, who knows too) and how she would wait for his call but he never called and finally once, he sent her a message to meet not knowing that he was going to dump her.

But now, no more, with all the rancor that has been created in just over 24 hours since Roy uploaded his “statement” on Weibo. I’m glad making sense of the entertainment world is just a hobby for me, otherwise, I’d go crazy. (Not that this lesson can be derived from the Roy-Tang Yan affair though.) – Before you start “dating” or seeing someone else, make sure you come clean on your status with the person who is “rumored” (since no one admits to dating around here anyway) with you. While Roy is having his red wine (his upcoming drama is called WINE BEAUTY), I’d have YELLOW tea, which is also this post’s ranking.