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You want a lot but the reality is you usually don’t really need it.My mom would always make me think of far more practical ways to spend my hard-earned money.”“I have been working since the age of four, so I have worked for everything I have,” she continues.“I bought every one of my cars, I paid for my private school, and I paid for my college. It makes me appreciate each and every thing I have because I know what it took to get it.”While Mitchell likes to stretch a buck by buying in bulk at Costco, where she often finds the biggest savings is on the web. She likes to shop around and research potential purchases.And the best way to do that these days is online.“I am constantly browsing the web to get the best pricing,” she says.While Mitchell’s not sure who else from the original cast would come back, she knows that a revival could work very well.“I think we would create some great storylines and I think it would be a really fun show,” she told IBT about doing a revival before going on to share her idea for a spinoff version.“And maybe if it was more focused on the kids and created amazing new stories and kind of followed us as adults because, before on the show, we were little babies and now we’re not. ” Reunion show or not, Mitchell said she’s just happy that the cast — which included Jessica Biel (Mary), Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie), Barry Watson (Matt), David Gallagher (Simon) and George Stults (Lucy’s husband Kevin) — is still very close with each other.

And it’s exactly that idea that Mitchell is very open to.“I would love to do a ‘7th Heaven’ reunion,” the actress told International Business Times.(They live in California and own property in Colorado; it was where her husband proposed in 2005.)“When working on the house and buying materials, we researched, researched, and did more research,” she says.“We called around and had no problem asking a lot of questions to get the best price.It was a little more work driving around to pick up the materials, but it was worth the savings,” she says. “Often, we were able to get better products for a more reasonable price.”Negotiating tactics aside, if you ask Mitchell for her best frugal advice, it is this: do your homework, shop around, and know the real price of things.

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“The more knowledgeable you are on what you are buying,” she adds, “the less likely you are to overpay.” Leah Ingram is the author of 14 books, including two on frugal living: Suddenly Frugal: How to Live Happier and Healthier on Less (Adams Media, 2010) and Toss, Keep, Sell: The Suddenly Frugal Guide to Getting Organized and Making Money from Your Stuff (Adams Media, 2010).

We never took just one estimate but would get closer to five to seven estimates.” The couple employed smart, frugal tactics to save on their home renovations—negotiating to pay for labor prices only, and then buying on their own dime the supplies the contractors needed.