Who is dating natasha richardson

29-Feb-2020 10:51

Because the actress wasn't wearing a helmet, she hit the left side of her her head as she fell, causing a torn blood vessel in the brain which eventually proved to be a fatal injury.And it was inevitably heartbreaking for magazine, he said: "Her death was never real. "There's periods now when I hear the door opening, especially the first couple of years...Before actor, Neeson worked as a truck driver and fork-lift operator too.

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The A-lister, 63, recently announced that he had fallen for someone "incredibly famous", seven years after the tragic passing of his late wife, actress Natasha Richardson.anytime I hear that door opening, I still think I'm going to hear her." Liam was reported to have moved on to a relationship with PR executive Freya St Johnston, but the relationship is reported to have ended two years ago.And since then, Liam appears to have been on his own.But tragically, the storyline in the film seemed to forebode future events for Liam Neeson in his real life.

After being married to fellow actress Natasha Richardson (she was in ), for 15 years, she suffered an untimely death after a skiing accident.Quashing the rumours, a rep for the star told the Mirror: "He was joking with the writer during an interview he was doing with the Irish Independent."While Liam isn't keen to reveal the identity of his mystery woman, he was more than happy to chat about their upcoming plans for Valentine's Day this weekend.