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Tall and trim, but with a few more grey hairs since I last saw him, Chaplin — apart from an occasional puff on his vape — no longer has any vices.Last year his struggles with addiction, anxiety and panic attacks reached critical point.Since Keane went on hiatus following the release of their .The latter includes covers of The Pretenders’ ‘2000 Miles’, East 17’s ‘Stay Another Day’ and Howard Blake’s ‘Walking In The Air’, originally popularized by Aled Jones.“It then became apparent that his writing had gone up to another level, particularly on Hopes & Fears (Keane’s 2004 debut album) as those songs are iconic.

“Then we were back out on the road with Keane and gradually as the months and years went by I stopped doing it.” But when Keane went on hiatus in 2013, Chaplin spoke publicly of his intentions to make a solo record and went home to his studio to begin work. “But, really it was unresolved problems from when I was young.It’s all very exciting”, a source close to the band said.Keane have shared a series of cryptic posts on social media over the past couple of months teasing their return.“But the main result of making this record is that I no longer want to.

In the past I’ve kept things in and never wanted to address issues I’ve had since I was a teenager.

It saw the former Keane frontman hit rock bottom and nearly lose everything through his drug addiction.