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So I smile and say: "You don't like being interviewed much, do you?

She sighs: "I don't like talking about myself." Does talking about Diana Krall make Diana Krall feel self-conscious?

"You know, from the photographs." She refers to the album sleeves that made her the poster girl of the jazz world: Diana in tulle by moonlight, Diana barefoot and swathed in serape on the shore, Diana all sultry, blonde and puffy-lipped in a little black dress that shows off her long legs.

Part of the snobbery, I suspect, might have arisen because she made her name recording popular standards.

I like the idea that concert begins, and it's like putting needle to wax.

The music doesn't need the visuals, the music's strong enough on it's own, but this is something I've been cooking up my whole life. I built it out of the kit and read 'Carrying the Fire'.

I have a different view of the Great American Songbook than Tony. But I totally respect that for Tonty it begins and ends when it does.

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Daina Jean Krall is a Canadian jazz singer and a pianist who was born on November 16, 1974 in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada and her current age is 50.

We all want to be astronauts or rock stars when we grow up, right? I had a chance to meet Neil Armstrong and his family on the fortieth anniversary of the moon landing.